The history of Hotel Seeblick


Built in the year 1870 as the luxury Seeblick hotel (German. Sea lookout or Sea view). Once a gem of the city of Międzyzdroje, referred to as the Pearl of the Baltic. It forms a part of the historic hotel architecture of the seaside promenade. It is distinguished by its unique style and original architectural form. Until the year 1993, the building housed the Military Leisure House Bałtyk. 

The history
of Hotel

It is formed as a fusion of two buildings of different architectures and structures. In the beginning, a wooden part was built, established on the western part of Kopernik street, joined by a passage with the masonry hotel and restaurant building (Bohaterów Warszawy street), offering a grand view of the sea. Despite ownership changes and much construction and refurbishment work, the hotel operated without interruption. A modern equipment standard was achieved, allowing guests to be hosted throughout the year. The ground floor housed a restaurant, with the upper floor and attic housing guest rooms. For many years, Bałtyk was the centre of social life in Międzyzdroje. World War II did not damage the hotel. After it was concluded, the building was taken over by the military, and transferred for the use of the Military Regional Leisure Houses of Międzyzdroje. 

The historic Hotel Bałtyk lies in the representative part of the seaside district, in the area of the following streets: Bohaterów WarszawyRybacka and Kopernika. The project, executed with painstaking attention to detail, will bring the shine back to the architectural pearl of Western Pomerania.